SCM is the largest independent, privately-owned provider of claims management, risk management, and related services in Canada. It is our commitment to strategically evolve our services and expertise to support the ever-changing challenges of our clients. Innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service are the hallmarks that distinguish SCM Insurance Services.

National claims management solutions

Canada’s largest independent loss adjusting organization with 950 adjusters located in over 120 branches across the country.

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In 1986, Shumka Craig & Moore Adjusters opened its doors in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008, following a major acquisition, the company was rebranded as IndemniPro in Quebec and ClaimsPro in the rest of Canada. Our claims professionals offer a broad range of expertise across multiple disciplines and are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

SCM Risk management Services

Canada’s largest and leading-edge provider of inspection, loss control, appraisal/valuation services, risk management and other specialized risk-consulting solutions

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SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) is Canada’s leading provider of commercial and residential inspection, loss control, valuation, post-loss and partial loss appraisal, and risk management and consultation services. As the country’s largest risk inspection company, RMS is uniquely positioned to provide residential and commercial inspection and valuation services to public organizations and large corporations in a variety of industries.

Risk Mitigation & Investigation

Canada’s leading provider of Risk Mitigation and Investigation.

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Xpera is Canada’s premier national provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety, enabling our clients to function to their fullest potential. We enable our clients to enhance business performance and ensure operational continuity by providing the experts and the tools to manage all levels of risks.

Health Solutions

Leading provider of independent medical evaluations and services for a variety of industries across Canada

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Cira Health Solutions has 30 years’ experience helping corporations, government, life & health providers, insurers, law firms, and individuals independently assess, diagnose, and resolve medical issues. Services are essential to making informed decisions, accessing the right medical expertise, and returning people to health and function.
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Information Intelligence

Helping drive profitable growth for the insurance, corporate, and government risk industries by creating business value from information.

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Opta Information Intelligence provides its insurance and corporate clients with tools and information to help manage and authenticate risk information, in turn helping them discover and explore business opportunities, become more competitive, generate business, and gain the insight required to make profitable business decisions.

Engineering & Environmental Sciences

Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences – Comprehensive engineering services and environmental consultation

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Pario provides engineering services to the root cause of system, material, building, and environmental failures, as well as full-service environmental consultation supporting the consumer, commercial, and insurance industries.

International Programs Group

International Programs Group – Canada’s leading Third Party Administrator.

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International Programs Group (IPG) is an independent third-party claims administration team that provides claims services for Lloyd's of London, self-insured entities, and organizations with high deductibles.


SCM In the News

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    Seeking to further enhance the leadership of its team of Transportation, Equipment & Cargo (TEC) ad
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    Apr 26, 2017
    ClaimsPro/IndemniPro, Canada’s leading provider of independent claims adjusting services, announced
  • ClaimsPro’s Appoints Paul Féron to Senior Vice President, Manitoba & Ontario
    Apr 25, 2017
    ClaimsPro, Canada’s leading provider of independent claims adjusting services, announced today that
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    Cira Health Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Francois Provost as Account Executi
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    SCM International Programs Group LP (IPG), an SCM Insurance Services company and Canada’s leading p
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    Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation, an SCM Insurance Services company and Canada’s leading prov
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    ClaimsPro/IndemniPro today announced that it has acquired one of Quebec’s leading loss adjusting fi
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    SCM Insurance Services was pleased to attend the first annual Insurance Business Awards, and honour
  • Sep 7, 2016
    SCM Insurance Services, Canada’s largest independent, privately-owned insurance services provider,
  • Jul 18, 2016
    SCM Insurance Services, the parent company of ClaimsPro, is pleased to announce that it has reopene
  • Jul 7, 2016
    ClaimsPro, an SCM company and Canada’s leading provider of independent adjusting services, today an
  • Jul 7, 2016
    SCM Insurance Services is proud to announce that Ross Betteridge has been promoted to the newly cre
  • Jun 8, 2016
    SCM Health Solutions is pleased to announce that it has opened a new assessment location in Markham
  • Jun 2, 2016
    SCM Health Solutions, a market leader in Independent Medical Examinations and Occupational Health S
  • May 10, 2016
    ClaimsPro, Canada’s largest adjusting and claims management company, has teamed up with Opta, SCM I
  • May 5, 2016
    SCM Insurance Services has mobilized resources across all of its seven companies to support our cli
  • May 4, 2016
    ClaimsPro remains very concerned as we continue to learn about the ongoing crisis in Fort McMurray
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