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Career Opportunities

Accident Benefit Adjuster ClaimsPro/IndemniProBarrieOntario Apply Now
Adjoint(e) administratif(ve) - Dactylographe ClaimsPro/IndemniProQuébecQuebec Apply Now
Adjoint(e) administratif(ve) Bilingue - Admin Assistant Part-time ClaimsPro/IndemniProMontréalQuebec Apply Now
Adjointe Administrative ClaimsPro/IndemniProSherbrookeQuebec Apply Now
Adjointe administrative ClaimsPro/IndemniProLavalQuebec Apply Now
Adjuster ClaimsPro/IndemniProSudburyOntario Apply Now
Adjuster ClaimsPro/IndemniProSimcoeOntario Apply Now
Administrative Assistant Opta Information IntelligenceMontréalQuebec Apply Now
Administrative Assistant - 12 month contract ClaimsPro/IndemniProBurnabyBritish Columbia Apply Now
Assessor Liaison Cira Health SolutionsMississaugaOntario Apply Now

About SCM

As a growing company with offices in Canada and the United States SCM Insurance Services offers endless possibilities for you to take your career to a whole new level. At SCM we pride ourselves on our culture of diversity and inclusion where employees feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their individual contributions.

We believe that a company is only as strong as its people. Our client-focused work ethic encourages us to strive for excellence in every task. As an organization, we have built a solid foundation with a corporate mission and vision that governs how we work, and a set of values that we live by each and every day.

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? If so, we just may have the opportunity you are looking for.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


To be the most recommended company in all the markets we serve.


To be the engine of client performance across the insurance value chain and beyond.


Client Focus · Excellence · Entrepreneurial Spirit · Teamwork · Integrity · Inspiration · Engagement · Recognition

Our People

At SCM, we thrive on a blend of teamwork and individuality. Whether you are an Investigator in Xpera, an Adjuster in ClaimsPro, or part of a team of Engineers at Pario, your personal accomplishments are just as important as the achievements of your team. We gather the best and brightest employees in our multiple sister companies, who come together to create a diverse team of hard-working people, striving for excellence and the utmost in customer satisfaction. It’s the perfect recipe for a company of talented, driven people who have the opportunities to do their best and the support they need to succeed.

David Baker, CIP

Branch Manager, IPG
Years with company: 4

“The entire organization of IPG is designed towards claims handling and management, providing dedicated claims examiners the tools, talent, and support to effectively investigate and settle claims. The culture and environment are friendly and knowledgeable.”

David Cremin, B.Sc.

Examiner, IPG
Years with company: 2

“IPG provides a friendly and professional work environment that is flexible and supportive to the employee, plus there is potential for career growth.  We have very a capable team of Examiners led by a Management team who provide great support to help the team achieve their potential.”  

Ahren Schindler, CRM

Assistant Branch Manager, IPG
Years with company: 5.5

“IPG has a new Examiner training program in place and there is lots of room for advancement within the organization, should employees wish to pursue different career paths.”

Sanja Darman

Claims Examiner, IPG
Years with company: 3

“IPG is the best company I have ever worked for. Management always takes time to assist in solving problems, steering in the right direction, educating, supporting when things get complicated, and listening when that’s all that is needed. The company is evolving constantly and growing and improving and having a chance to be a part of this success story is rewarding. I am proud to be part of this company.”

Jean Michel Reysset

Claims Adjuster, IPG
Years with company: 4

“IPG is about team work at any level. I also enjoy the flexibility in my job and the recognition that the company gives its employees. IPG is supportive and allows its employees to perform at their very best.”

Gilles Thibault

Vice-président régional des Opérations, Québec, RMS
Years with company: 27

“Opta is a good place to work because I see that there is a plan for us to grow and stay ahead of our competitors. Status quo is not an option.”

Neil Wilcox

Manager, Environmental Services, Pario
Years with company: 4.5

“The team environment here at the producer level is the best I’ve ever seen. Management has generally worked from the bottom up and has a good understanding of what each of us is going through and demands of our job.”

Nino Calabrese

Director, Investigations, Xpera
Years with company: 30

“What I like best about my job is working with great staff who share a common goal to provide our clients with the best possible experience. I have an amazing team of managers, investigators and admin staff who are passionate about their work and support each other.”

“Our firm offers a diverse range of services including Insurance Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Undercover Work, Intellectual Property Investigations, and Criminal Defense Work. Whether your strength is in performing surveillance, research or statements and enquiry work – there is a place for you here. There is also room to further you career with a chance of advancement, as well as an opportunity to request a transfer to any our offices coast to coast.”

Michael Currie, P.L. (Eng), PMSFPE

VP, Fire Underwriters Survey, Opta
Years with company: 20

“Opta Information Intelligence is an EXCELLENT place to work. It is very exciting to work with a group of committed and passionate people and get to use the most cutting-edge technologies. Every day is an experience of learning something new. Opta is a company with tremendous potential for growth and a very exciting future.”

Samir Eugène Hasbani, Eng., FCIP, CRM, CSP

Director, Opta and Fire Undewriters Survey, Opta
Years with company: 45

“Opta is a great place to prosper and build a career The best part of my job is representing our company to clients. Client contact is self-rewarding and motivating. We have an experienced and talented team that continues to change and evolve our offering to adapt to the ever-changing market.”

Gary Faber, BA

National Manager - Quality and Training, RMS
Years with company: 32

“If you want to work in an atmosphere of fun, family and new things everyday then this is the place for you.”

Glen Paproski

Director of Investigations, Western Canada, Xpera
Years with company: 18

“At Xpera you have the opportunity to make your career yours.  With the multitude of specialized areas Xpera has to offer, coupled with leadership support, Xpera will work with each employee to assist in the achievement of every individual career path.”

Bernadette Corless, CRM

National Operations Manager, Opta
Years with company: 8.5

“I appreciate that the company promotes internal recruitment. Since starting with SCM in May of 2010, my role has evolved dramatically starting as a summer student I have grown from coordinator positions, to an Executive Assistant, into a Team Leader having direct reports, and now currently in a Management role. It’s a great place to work, with wonderful people!”

Antonio Cozzucoli

Translator, SCM
Years with company: 28

“I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking to work in a fast-paced environment, with an opportunity to advance his/her career.”

Brian Quish, CRM, WETT

Regional Manager - Quality and Training, RMS
Years with company: 32

“I enjoy working for RMS because no one day is the same.”

Nick Tucker

Investigation Manager, Research & Analytics, Xpera
Years with company: 2

“I like the variety in my job. Every day brings new challenges and rewards, from interacting with clients to training new employees.”

Paige Renout

Investigator, Xpera
Years with company: 6

“I love the flexibility of the job and I love that everyday is like going to school as I am continually learning something new. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who has a drive and initiative to do better for both themselves and future employees.”

Norm Gagnon, CPPA

Director Eastern Canada, ParioQuantify
Years with company: 2

“This is a great organization as it has provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge, growth and experience and offers excellent support to its team on a continuous basis.”

Piratheep Ragunathan

IS/IT Technician, SCM
Years with company: 4

“I think this is a good place to work. It is busy and there are always lots of opportunities to learn new technology. The IT management team is very understanding and engages people and keeps them informed about what is going in the company.”

Sha Rivera

Intake & Booking Administrator, Cira
Years with company: 1

“Cira is a good place to work. The company understands the vital part that employees play and our team supports one another. It keeps the work interesting and we solve issues and address them with care and quality. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a job in the healthcare field.”

Daniel Varga

Claims Adjuster IPG
Years with company: 1

“The role of an examiner at IPG is very interesting as there is such a variety of claims and aspects of the field of insurance to work with. Commercial and personal lines, liability, subrogation and much more. Being able to touch on all of those fields is a great way to grow ones career. The people I work with are all very personable and the atmosphere is very friendly. I feel like I am a valued individual at the company. I would defiantly recommend this company, as I cannot imagine a more diverse learning experience with an accompanying warm atmosphere.”

Katie Benjamin, B.A., B.Ed.

Instructional Designer, ClaimsPro
Years with company: 3

“I love my job”

Garret Spina,

Adjuster, ClaimsPro
Years with company: 6

“There is a reward at the end knowing that you are able to move a claims forward and help a family come to closure on what has happened”

Vincent Lessard-Phillips, PAA/CIP

Expert en sinister, Indemnipro
Years with company: 1.5

"What I like most about my job is variety, the fact that I can be versatile... people are different, companies are different and this is the beauty of an adjuster's work at IndemniPro".

A day in SCM

In any of our companies, the team dynamic and support for individual growth remains the same. You will find this enthusiasm for greatness in every part of our organization. Discover what each of our companies have to offer and learn about the different career opportunities that await you.

A Day at ClaimsPro

As an Independent Claims Adjuster, no two days are ever the same. Claims come in from all over Canada, and our Adjusters are ready to handle whatever comes their way. Whether you’re working on local Auto or Property claims or handling the issues unique to the TEC team (Transportation, Equipment and Cargo), or managing complex claims as a member of the Specialty Risk Division, you will find the variety that you’re looking for at ClaimsPro. Clients value our knowledgeable Independent Claims Adjusters to help guide them through their claim, with the skill, expertise and compassion of a pro. Our powerful claims management system, iAdjust, helps you manage even the most complex of claims, assisting our clients save indemnity dollars, while providing exemplary customer service. If you’re a high performing, efficient independent Claims Adjuster you’ll love our mobile app, as it allows you to move from claim to claim without having to return to the office to complete paperwork.

A Day at Xpera

There’s a whole world out there, and Xpera’s people know the ins and outs of a multitude of risk mitigation solutions. We’ve provided Canadian businesses with casualty and property, and fraud and theft investigations since 1975—and we continue to earn the trust and respect of clients with crucial court-ready testimony backed by information and facts. Clients in high-risk environments affected by political, environmental or criminal factors look to us for human safety and security recommendations, while our more tactical on-the-ground security team supports worksites, accident scenes, and public events. XperaHRservices rounds up a continuum of risk mitigation services with psychological screening and ethics reporting support.

In an industry that is constantly evolving and thriving, your investigation and mitigation skills, former law enforcement, or security expertise, will continuously be put to the test, providing our clients with attentive, astute care, while helping them to navigate through complex issues.

A Day at Pario

An engineer’s ideal work environment —that’s how we would describe Pario. Whether your engineering skills lie in the electrical, mechanical, material, chemical, environmental, structural, or civil sector, SCM’s engineering and environmental sciences company is full of opportunities for you to put your skills and knowledge to good use. Pario’s talented team spends their day investigating material failure, fire and explosion, water damage, motor vehicle collisions and more. Along with geologists, project managers, and environmental scientists, Pario’s earth-loving individuals also manage emergency spills, contamination, remediation services and site assessments. We make it our daily mission to excel in and become the national market leader of engineering and environmental services for the insurance, legal, corporate, and transportation market. We take our passion for science and combine it with a strong, ambitious work ethic to create a multi-disciplined and skilled team.

A Day at Cira

If you are looking for variety on the job, then look no further! At Cira, we offer our clients independent medical evaluations and health-related services designed for the corporate, insurance, and medical legal communities. That means a host of opportunity to get involved in a number of different areas, from client intake and care, to quality assurance and administrative support. We pride ourselves on offering the highest calibre of medical attention to our clients across Canada. If you possess a strong sense of compassion and ethics, combined with meticulous attention to detail, then a career with Cira is certainly for you!

A Day at Opta

The insurance industry is both vast and complex, covering a multitude of areas, and Opta’s highly innovative, information-focused team possess a wealth of knowledge that is specifically tailored to offer customers perspectives on key industry challenges. We provide strategic insight to move insurance and risk professionals beyond traditional ways of doing business. Innovation, innovation, innovation! We are dedicated to helping customers access, understand, and synthesize previously inaccessible information, and turn it into intelligence that helps them understand business risks. We are analysts and scientists, engineers and loss control experts who are lovers of data and big fans of insight and sharp analysis. For us, it’s all in the details.

A Day at IPG

IPG is the largest Canadian Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for Lloyd’s of London in Canada and is now expanding into the United States (U.S.), with recent acquisitions of Affirmative Risk Management (ARM) and CMI/Nixon. Together, these three organizations form the IPG Network. Lloyd’s of London is a specialist insurance and reinsurance market that was established in London in 1686.

Our Examiners have a keen understanding of the service levels of the Lloyd’s market and with our claims expertise, access to cutting edge technology and sophisticated reporting capabilities, we act in the very best interest of our customers at all times.

Working at IPG, you will...

  • Receive in house training and mentoring.
  • Investigate and manage complex insurance claims, including larger commercial and industrial cases.
  • Learn first-hand, the day-to-day process of the London Market.
  • Travel to London to meet with key clients and gain valuable experience.
  • Manage loss adjusters across Canada and the U.S.
  • Work with key coverholder and broker clients across the country.
  • Provide opportunities for internal advancement, including Audit/Management/Specialty Lines
  • Have daily exposure to other insurance professionals, including accountants, engineers, appraisers, contractors and lawyers.

Managing insurance claims for Lloyd’s of London requires the concentration of a juggler, the precision of a watch maker, and the imagination of an artist. If you have all of this, as well as sophisticated writing skills and a keen interest to learn, then being a Third-Party Administrator for Lloyd’s might be the role for you.

A Day at ParioQuantify

Specialists. You’ll notice that word a lot, associated with ParioQuantify. Here, we specialize in being Canada’s leading provider of commercial and residential assessments and appraisals for loss control in post-loss situations. A ParioQuantify specialist knows the ins and outs of pro-actively mitigating risks for clients. Highly skilled specialists also earn the trust of clients with independent, third-party, unbiased perspectives in the event of legal proceedings. Our team has backgrounds in insurance, construction, and engineering, and we have branches spanning across Canada. Your attention to detail, strong ambition, and hard-working personality contribute to ParioQuantify’s ongoing success, positioning us as an industry leader in risk management solutions.

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