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In today's ever-changing economy, people represent the most valuable asset to any organization. From hiring the right people for the job with pre-screening services and background checks, to medical services and executive protection, SCM can help you make informed hiring decisions, mitigate risk in the workplace, and incorporate safe work environments to increase human safety and minimize loss. These services include:

Health Assess

This offering from SCM Health Solutions is a medical assessment boosted by clinical consultation that empowers the employee to choose the appropriate path to treatment and recovery following an illness or injury. Employers, in turn, are secure in the knowledge that their employees are receiving comprehensive medical care designed to facilitate the best plan to return to function.

For more information visit Health Assess™.

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Xpera Screening

As part of Xpera’s HRservices, Xpera Screening executes thousands of transactions annually for corporations, government, and organizations. These include Criminal Record Checks, Employment Verifications, Education Verifications, Reference Interviews, Background Checks, and eConsent, a process which enables paperless background checks.

For more information visit Xpera Screening.

Health Reach

This confidential, voluntary service from SCM Health Solutions is offered to employees at work or away from the workplace with a known health condition. This service includes a medical file review from SCM Health Solutions’ roster of independent medical professionals.

For more information, visit  Health Reach™.

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Executive and Corporate Protection Services. 

This service, offered by Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation, ensures safety and security for executive clients and their families. Xpera’s highly –skilled and experienced professionals mitigate risk through the provision of an elite-level of discrete protection within the demands of corporate culture.

For more information, visit Xpera’s Executive and Corporate Protection Services.

Pre-Placement Health Examinations

 Provided by SCM Health Solutions, this medical assessment service enables employers to reduce risk by identifying whether or not an employee is able to meet the physical and cognitive demands of a given job. The expertise of the SCM Health Solutions staff helps employers to determine the right protocol to support every role.

For more information, visit Pre-Placement Health Examinations

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These five services are just some of the solutions offered by SCM Insurance Services that offer comprehensive methods to manage risk around people. People are the most valuable resource in any workplace, and SCM has the products and services to ensure that your people are empowered to provide their best work to your organization.

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