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Intangibles such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents are every bit as crucial to the state of your business as physical assets, but can be far more difficult to protect. With professionals ranging from loss control specialists, adjusters to investigators, SCM has the right experts to mitigate risk and nullify any threats that have potential to endanger your business and the reputation of your brand. These services include:

Intellectual Property Investigations

A service of Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation, Intellectual Property Investigations look into the comprehensive protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and beyond. These investigations also encompass counterfeit and piracy detection as well as market surveys and monitoring.

For more information, visit Xpera’s Intellectual Property Investigations.

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Third Party Administration Services

International Programs Group (IPG) provides independent third-party claims administration for Lloyd’s of London, self-insured entities, and organizations with high deductibles. Their clients receive comprehensive claims services thanks to IPG’s familiarity with the London market, local knowledge and expertise, and coast-to-coast coverage across Canada.

For more information, visit Third Party Administration Services

Legal Investigations

Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation provides Legal Investigations that can be applied immediately to legal proceedings thanks to the experience, expertise, and evidence-gathering capabilities of Xpera’s team of investigators. Xpera is often called upon in cases of Civil Litigation to provide information pertaining to product liability, professional liability, and media claims and attacks.

For more information, visit Xpera’s Legal Investigations.

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Self Insurance 

ClaimsPro provides Self Insurance, which is a risk management strategy that sees a company managing its own risk up to a set dollar value. The organization creates and manages a fund from which they can pull resources to cover low severity, high frequency claims.

For a comprehensive overview of Self Insurance, please see our whitepaper (PDF).

Branding Services

International Programs Group (IPG) offers comprehensive branding services to the companies it interacts with while providing claims management services. From letterheads and emails to telephone greetings and web-based claims reporting, IPG applies appropriate branding to all customer touch points for their clients.

For more information, visit IPG’s branding services.

Appropriate branding for an organization helps to identify it in the marketplace and create lasting relationships with clients and shareholders. SCM offers a variety of services designed to protect your brand.

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