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With the growing demand for innovative risk solutions, SCM leverages years of collected pre-loss valuations, post-loss claims data and cutting edge technology to provide you with a 360 view of risk designed to minimize, quantify and predict exposure and likelihood of loss for your physical assets. From property inspections, loss control and valuations services, to building, material and system failures, SCM provides coast to coast coverage that protect your assets and your bottom line. These services include:


Opta Information Intelligence (Opta) uses their unprecedented access to property-specific data in their iClarify™ desktop platform that allows users to validate property data instantly, accurately, and efficiently. Brokers, underwriters, and insurers have the capability to reduce their quoting process to just two minutes using this revolutionary tool.

Visit Opta Information Intelligence for more information about iClarify™.

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Emergency Security Management Services

ESM Solutions provides comprehensive security services in the event of an emergency to locations throughout the country. In many locations, ESM can provides services within two hours 24/7, 365 days a year. From Property Protection and Patrolling to Fire Watch Services, ESM offers a suite of services designed to assist your organization in the event of an emergency.

For more information, visit ESM Solutions.


SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) provides the rmsQuantify™ appraisal service in the event of a loss ranging from minor water loss to large complex losses, resulting in controlled indemnity spend and a savings of anywhere from 3 to 22%. The rmsQuantify™ team of experts has extensive knowledge of specific building construction elements, building codes, and local environmental conditions to determine the right course of action to save clients from overspending.

For more information, visit rmsQuantify™.

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Peril Score

A finalist for the 2015 Insurance-Canada Technology Award, Opta’s Peril Score™ is a unique and powerful advanced analytics tool that predicts the frequency and severity of water, fire, wind, hail, and even crime loss by geo-coded property address. Using the power of predictive analytics, Peril Score™ uses its extensive access to property data to help property owners protect from anti-selection.

For more information, visit Peril Score™.

Forensic Engineering Services

Pario Engineering and Environmental Sciences is comprised of a team of highly-specialized Forensic Engineers and Geoscientists who work to find the root causes of material, product, system, and building failures. Pario’s Forensic Engineering Services range from Accident Reconstruction to Material Failure Analysis to Laboratory and Material Testing. Pario’s Team of Experts has the technical expertise to properly assess environmental and structural damage and provide appropriate forensic analysis.

For more information, visit Pario’s Forensic Engineering Services.

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The proper protection of an organization’s physical assets ensures a continual reduction of risk to that business. SCM Insurance Services has the tools, the services, and the expertise across several disciplines to ensure that the assets of your organization stay protected. 

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